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Achieve scale at a fraction of the cost


At SmartBPO, LLC. we are the Retail Energy Operations department, this alleviates the need for your own Operations staff.  We handle the exceptions. We do not send them to you to fix. We are also business and management consultants to the energy industry.  


Creating value and benefit


We partner with you only where you need us to make your Operations run timely and efficiently.

Visibility to our clients


We provide access to real time data for you to see your billing, enrollments, payments and dunning. This way you will be aware of any issues in a timely manner.  We provide weekly and monthly reporting so that you can monitor your Operations and always know the status of your business.

Foster a high performance environment


We have the industry background and experience to hold ourselves to the highest standards with KPIs.  We provide the resources and training needed to ease new initiatives and transitions.

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SmartBPO, LLC.

Houston, Texas, United States